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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts on Pregnancy, Part 1 (20w3d)

Things I've learned in the first half of my pregnancy:

--It's not as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, with very few exceptions, it's been pretty easy.
--Not every woman gets morning sickness.
--I never thought I could be as tired as I was that first trimester.
--Tums are my friend. So are naps.
--Ultrasounds never get old.
--Not being able to write is a side effect of pregnancy no one told me about.
--Feeling the baby kick for the first time is weird, incredible, strange and startling.
--Right now, feeling the baby kick is just awesome.
--I've never known insomnia like this.
--Maternity pants are both hideously ugly and amazingly comfortable.
--My mood can shift from, "Wow, this is going to be a great experience!" to "What the hell have I done?" in a matter of hours. Sometimes minutes.
--Sometimes I feel too old to be doing this. Most of the time, I feel a lot younger than I really am.
--It's nice to have friends who are pregnant at the same time.
--It's very nice to have an amazing, supportive, pampering husband.
--No two pregnancies, or baby bumps, are alike.
--Breast pumps are scary things, but the idea of breast feeding is kind of scary, too.
--In fact, a lot of things about this experience are kind of scary.
--I'm not afraid of labor and delivery.
--C-sections, episiotomies and epidurals scare the hell out of me.
--I really hope I can experience natural childbirth without drugs.
--In the end, all that matters is getting the baby into the world.
--I am not one of those pregnant women who coos over every baby she sees, pops into BabiesRUs every chance she gets and already has a name-- and coming home outfit-- picked out.
--I am not the typical pregnant woman, I don't think.
--I have fears that I will lose myself. I don't even really know what that means, but I'm afraid of it.
--I suspect the second half of this pregnancy will go even faster than the first half.
--I'm really, really happy I didn't miss out on this experience. (That one kind of surprises me.)


Jae said...

:) Me, the wife, and twig like this!

mikeynme14 said...

Awesome thoughts, and quite a few I've had myself.

My thoughts on the losing yourself... You do. But not in a bad way. Let me rephrase. You don't really lose yourself, you just discover a new you. A better, more caring, less selfish you that truly understands unconditional love. Something everyone says, but I didn't really get until I did. It's like you +++ Considering how awesome you already are, that's one lucky penis growing inside you.

Oh, and the second half going fast... I'll keep my fingers crossed that when you're at 38 weeks it stills feels that way! :)

Kristina said...

Jae ~ Good. ;-)

Lelsee ~ I really don't think I'll know exactly what you mean until it happens, but thank you for putting it into your own words. And thanks for the compliment.