The Babies!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

25 weeks! (25w0d)

I really don't know where the time is going, but it's definitely going fast. There are so many things I've wanted to blog about and they keep slipping through my mind. The next thing I know, I'm posting yet another bump picture without having written anything about what I'm thinking or feeling. As if anyone wants to know, right? ;-) More to the point: as if I'm the only one who has ever gone through this experience. Ha!

There is definitely a sense of wonder at all that pregnancy entails but I've been too busy just dealing with the practical stuff to spend much time waxing poetic (not that I'm the waxing poet type). I do spend a fair amount of quality time with my belly: talking to it, rubbing it, watching it wriggle. I know "it" is the baby inside, but there's still a feeling that it's my own body that has become possessed. I suppose in a way it has.

My 25 week bump picture. Maybe I'll have more to say before 26 weeks, hmm?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

One Last Trip (23w4d)

I'm heading out of town tomorrow (well, today) for one last trip before impending motherhood. At least, I think it will be my last trip. I'm longing to go to London, but that probably isn't wise in my third trimester. Right? Right? Then again, baby boy could have dual citizenship... Hmm.

I'm Chicago bound, to spend some quality time with Sheri (and her sister, niece, mother and assorted friends whom I've either heard about or read about via their blogs or Facebook). Honestly, right now I'm just tired and want to sleep for a week and can't even imagine getting on a plane tomorrow evening. I'm going to miss Jay, miss the animals, miss my bed and miss the luxury of going everywhere by car. (Normally I love being able to walk everywhere, but the heat is killing me this summer.) Despite all of that, I know I will wake up Monday morning happy and ready to go exploring, after we stop for coffee.

There is a lot on the agenda, including afternoon tea and trips to baby stores and a girls' night dinner. I'm looking forward to chocolate and cupcakes and decaf coffee and lots of good conversation and much needed laughs. I want to go shopping at the Land of Nod, Anthropologie, Lush and the Container Store. And no trip to Chicago would be complete without a coffee break at Julius Meinl. I'll take a million pictures, check e-mail, Facebook and Twitter via my shiny new iPod Touch (which couldn't have come at a better time). I'll stay up too late talking to Sheri and get up too early, anxious to squeeze as much in as possible.

In a week I will wonder where the time went. And by this time next year, I will have an eight month old baby boy and we will be planning his first trip to Chicago to hang out with Aunt Sheri.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

23 Weeks Along (23w0d)

Looking almost as tired as I feel...

I have a lot to write about, but my brain is just consumed with other things right now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Week 22 Bump (22w0d)

Growing bigger every week...

Baby's heartbeat was a healthy 152 at my doctor's appointment today. We're both doing well, all things considered.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wherein the Expectant Mother Freaks Out (21w6d)

Actually, the freaking out started a week or so ago and comes and goes in sporadic fits of heart palpitations and feeling like I can't catch my breath. What am I freaking out about? Well, it seems that the reassurances that were made in June that Jay wouldn't have to deploy with his unit have turned out to be empty promises. Now it seems almost certain that he will be deploying. In September. He won't be home until May 9.

Tell me, wouldn't that make you freak out, too?

So, here we are, mere weeks before he is most likely deploying for seven and a half months. To add insult to injury, it still doesn't seem to be 100% certain-- more like 99.5%, which is enough to give me false hope I can't afford to have after having false hope for nearly two months. I already felt as if we were running out of time when the only date I was counting down to was my due date. Now... now I feel as if someone stole months away from me. And that isn't all that is being stolen. My peace has been stolen just as surely as all those months.

I am trying desperately to be pragmatic about it all. They are saying Jay can come home before I'm due so he won't miss the birth. Of course, this is the same "they" who said he wouldn't have to deploy in the first place. Do I believe them? Not especially. Do I want to believe them? With my whole heart.

Jay shouldn't miss this experience and I shouldn't have to go through it alone. But what should be and what is are not always the same, especially when you're a military family. So we're trying to reassure each other it will be okay. If we're lucky, he'll get home a few weeks before I'm due and get to stay for a few weeks after the baby is born. It isn't much-- not to this never-changed-a-diaper expectant mom who will be looking at 4+ months of caring for a newborn all by myself. But I have to believe it will all work out all right. What else can I do?

I won't be completely alone for all of this. I don't have family and Jay's family lives elsewhere (and I don't think I'd feel comfortable having them here anyway). But I have Sheri, who is as close to a sister as I'll ever have. She has assured me she will be here for the birth and after. Believe me, I need that reassurance right now. I also have a few friends here who will do what they can. I can't really expect too much though, since two of my friends are expecting babies as well and everyone has work and family and other commitments. There's only so much anyone can do for me and I just need to wrap my mind around the idea that I'm going to be on my own for a lot of it.

Freaking out commencing now...

I'll survive this. Of course I will. I am tough, which is probably what should be engraved on my tombstone for the number of times I have heard it over the years. Yes, I am tough. But why, oh why do I have to be tough for this? I was only counting on having to be tough enough to go through natural childbirth. Now I have to be tough enough to do a lot more than that. It feels like I can't catch a break. I know I'm whining-- believe me, I know. I try not to complain. The Navy has mostly been good to us and we have a wonderful life. Still, right now it's hard not to whine and feel sorry for myself. I'll snap out of it. I'll do what I have to do, even if I don't have a clue what that is right now. I'll be fine (and so will Jay and so will baby). But not today. And not tomorrow. And not September 21, when he's supposed to deploy. I will most definitely not be fine then.

I think what makes me bitter is the fact that I shouldn't look at the next year as something to survive, but as something to look forward to. I never thought I'd be here and I have been enjoying it. Now, the happiness is mixed with sadness and anger and outright terror. I'm trying very had not to let this news of Jay deploying suck the joy out of being pregnant and all of the planning that I'm finally allowing myself to do, but it's hard. I alternate between full out panic (which wakes me up at 3 AM and keeps me from going back to sleep for hours) and feeling like I have to live up to my tough reputation-- for Jay's sake as well as my own.

So this is where I am now and I have to say it sucks. Probably not as much as it's going to suck in January when I'm actually living this worst case scenario instead of just imagining it, but it sucks just the same. It doesn't feel fair. And before someone reminds me that life isn't fair, let me just say I'm fine with taking what life throws at me. God knows, I've experienced my share of crap and have taken it all in stride and come out a stronger person for it. But this one time... couldn't it just be happiness and peace for me? Damn.