The Babies!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

18 Week Bump (18w0d)

I don't think I've actually gotten bigger in a week.



Rachel said...

You're beautiful! So happy for you, truly. Loving the blog. It's amazing how in only 18 weeks you're growing...a person. As much as I know people have done it forever, I still think it's pretty damn miraculous.

Danielle de Santiago said...

it really is a miracle..maybe the biggest and wonderfullest miracle of all possible*..miracles!!

Kristina Wright said...

Thanks so much, Rachel. :-) it is a strange feeling to know what's going on inside my body. The ultrasounds help make it more real, but still... I have to keep reminding myself it's real!

Kristina Wright said...

Thanks, Danielle!