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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A New Beginning?

Two days... two tests... two very, very (and I do mean very) faint, almost invisible, possibly a trick of the light or my imagination... lines.

Yesterday was 9 days past ovulation and I got impatient and took a test at 6:30 PM even though I knew it was too early to really get a good result. Then I was up early this morning (6:30 AM!) and couldn't go back to sleep until I took another test. This morning's line looked a little more visible, even had a hint of pink to it, but I did a digital test and it rudely said, "Not Pregnant."

So. I'll wait another day. I would say I'll wait two more days, even three, just to be sure. But I know myself. I'll try to wait until tomorrow.

This might be a new beginning for us.

I have hope.

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