The Babies!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

His Name is Patrick, But...

Here is a list of Patrick's nicknames. There are probably more that I'm forgetting. I'm pretty sure the kid doesn't know his real name at this point.

Punkin (by his father)
Honey Monkey
Baby Monkey
Wallababy (because he "wallows" on us)
Finn (by family friends)
Henry (by me, when I'm especially tired and confuse him with the dog-- though his second middle name is Henry)
Chunka Chunka
Squealy Dan (when he lets out those eardrum-piercing squeals)
Fuss Monkey
Stink Pot Jones (at particularly grody diaper changes)
Puff Monkey (when he's eating his favorite finger food-- Gerber Graduates Puffs)
Love Monkey
Angel Baby
Little Dude
Hulk Baby (because he does a scarily accurate imitation of the Hulk)

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