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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Preliminary CVS Results (14w0d)

The genetic counselor called this afternoon with the preliminary results from my CVS procedure on Monday. This part of the test is called FISH, or fluorescent in situ hybridization, and is used to detect abnormalities in chromosomes 13, 18, 21 and the sex chromosomes. The benefit to FISH is that it's quick-- it only took 48-hours to find out.

The preliminary results are NORMAL! Lauren (the counselor) said these results are about 98% accurate and I should have the final report (with all of the chromosomes examined) in about a week. Even without the final report, today's news brought a sense of relief. I'm fourteen weeks today! I have made it through the first trimester and, genetically speaking, the baby appears to be healthy! Good news.

The other bit of information she was able to share with me-- with 100& accuracy-- was the gender. She asked if I wanted to know and I told her I'd been having "boy" feelings since I was about seven weeks pregnant. I even had a vivid dream last night where I watched the chromosome results appear on a sheet of paper and heard someone say, "It's a healthy baby boy!" My dream was right. We're having a boy!

A boy. Wow. I haven't felt this stunned since I took the pregnancy test.

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JS said...

Over the moon! I'm so very excited for you!

And a BOY!